Jerry Roisentul, Visionary Leadership Coach, Earns Coveted Spot in Top 10 Iconic 100 Impact Ignitors of 2023 in Leadership & Mindset Development


Unleashing Leadership Mastery - A 30-Year Entrepreneurial Force Inspires a New Generation



La Quinta, California – International Icon Inc. proudly recognizes Jerry Roisentul from La Quinta, California, United States, as one of the distinguished Top 10 Iconic 100 Impact Ignitors of 2023 in the category of Leadership & Mindset Development. This prestigious accolade is reserved for individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and innovation in their respective fields.



Jerry Roisentul, an entrepreneurial force and a visionary in network marketing, brings over 30 years of experience to the table. Known for his energetic and interactive approach, Jerry has made a significant impact through coaching, speaking, and training, touching the lives of a diverse range of professionals. His expertise in mindset management, leadership, and team-building, honed through personal challenges and triumphs, has made him a sought-after mentor.


Jerry's influence extends beyond individual coaching to larger platforms, including his renowned "Champions Summit Event" and his best-selling book, "Don't Let Doubt Take You Out." As a certified Maxwell Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Trainer, he brings a unique blend of credibility and depth to his teachings. Jerry's commitment to adding value and enriching lives is evident in every endeavor he undertakes, making him not just a business coach but a life coach.


Included in the Iconic 100 Impact Ignitors list, Jerry Roisentul is a respected member of the Iconic Speakers Network, a community of influential individuals dedicated to excellence and innovation. His story of resilience, inspiration, and an unwavering commitment to excellence continues to motivate and empower a new generation of leaders and innovators in the entrepreneurial world.


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